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Day of the Dead Descends on Puerto Vallarta

Picture from Vallarta Lifestyles

Puerto Vallarta is preparing for one of the year’s most important celebrations, Dia de Los Muertos, or Day of the Dead. Considered to be one of Mexico’s most significant traditions, the two-day occasion is a time when people remember and honor their deceased loved ones. With the idea that the spirits return, events enliven cities and villages across the country from October 31 to November 2.

Picture from Banderas News

Puerto Vallarta embraces the iconic and ritualistic tradition with several festivities, including Day of the Dead altars exhibition at the Malecón, a concert at City Hall, folk dance performances, free guided tours at the Municipal Cemetery and a traditional catrina parade in El Centro.

Puerto Vallarta’s streets come alive with colorful decorations, including catrinas, skeletons, papel picado (perforated paper), and Day of the Dead altars. It’s common for people to leave some Pan de Muerto on the altars that hold the offerings representing earth (food), wind (paper flags), water (to quench the soul’s thirst) and fire (candles). Sugar skulls are also a common offering.

If you happen to be in Puerto Vallarta during this mystical time, be sure to ask us about how you can partake in the festivities and cultural traditions.
More information about this year’s celebrations coming soon. Check Banderas News for updates.