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Day Trip: El Tuito

An hour south of bustling Puerto Vallarta, a rural oasis welcomes those in search of fresh mountain air and even fresher fare. A lush agricultural retreat, the quiet town of El Tuito is known for its charming farm culture and its production of organic veggies, panela cheese, blue corn tortillas and local moonshine.

A tour on Thursdays is an ideal way to learn about the local history and explore the town. The 4-hour tour begins with a stroll through the streets taking in the authentic adobe architecture and sampling blue corn tortillas and locally-made soft panela cheese along the way.

Next, visitors swing by the farmhouse to nosh on raicilla while observing propagation and
seed-saving techniques, followed by a walk through the countryside to witness the working farm that includes tilling, composting, mulching, planting, irrigation, crop rotation and harvesting.

And, lastly, a sweet treat at a backyard bakery that uses a wood-fired oven.

The tour runs every Thursday from 10 am – 2 pm and is $40 USD/person (children under 12 are $20). Reservations are required by Tuesday at noon. Book online at, or email
for more information.

A percentage of sales goes to support this non-profit community supported farm project.