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Election Detox

Is it all getting to be too much? The blustering, the back-and-forthing, the competitive tallies of military brass in their respective corners? If it seems you’re feeling the wear and tear of the presidential race as acutely as the candidates themselves, you’re not alone. And we’re here to help. 7Y3A9404Casa Kimberly’s Election Overload 2016 package is all about restoring your serenity in a barking mad world. The therapy begins with free round-trip transportation from the airport, five nights in one of our elegant Diamond or Sapphire suites, and complimentary poolside cocktails each day along with snacks—taquitos, ceviche, or maybe guacamole and corn chips—sent out by our chef.  And, just to ensure that your relaxation regimen is complete, we’ll throw in an hour-long couple’s aromatherapy massage and a private meditation or yoga class. The trip back to the airport is on us, too, so by the time you float back home, you’ll be cool, calm and collected, and able to cast your vote without losing your mind.


The Casa Kimberly Escape Election 2016 package includes:

  • Five nights in a luxury Diamond or Sapphire suite3
  • Daily round of cocktails and chef’s-choice poolside afternoon snacks (such as house-made ceviche, taquitos or guacamole and totopos
  • 60-minute calming couple’s aromatherapy massage in the CK Spa
  • Private meditation or yoga session for two with local Vallarta yogis
  • Round trip airport transfers