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Hidden Archaeological Gem

If you’re one of those types who takes a while to relax on vacation, who has to step down with a few intermediary activities before feeling good about sipping a cool bit of courage on a beach towel and thinking of nothing important, we’d like to point out a hidden gem on . unspecifiedYes, PV has its own island, a tiny affair formed in the fork of the Cuale River that separates the Zona Romantica and downtown. There are a few footbridges connecting to the Isla (the most colorful is on Cuauhtemoc Street not far from the hotel), where rows of shops sell everything from silver jewelry and handblown glass pieces to a wide variety of ceramics and Talavera pottery, that richly colored and eminently collectible majolica whose dishes, vases, mugs and the like are as cheerful and artistic as they are practical—all crafted with the 16th-century techniques used by the Spanish potters who made the style famous. Nestled in amongst all this buy-able goodness is the Museo del Cuale—this is a cultural excursion after all! Tiny and free, the museum displays Pre-Columbian artifacts, including hunting and gathering tools, and some fascinating info about indigenous groups like the formidable Purépechas who gave the Aztecs a run for their money back in the day. After all that history you may be have worked up an appetite. Time for a bite at the Isla’s River Café, Le Bistro Jazz Cafe or Oscar’s, perhaps. Or maybe you’ll feel you’ve earned that cool sip of courage and a blissful blank stare on a beach blanket, after all. In that case, the Casa’s pool is at your disposal.casakimberly048