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Love Immortalized


A bronze sculpture of Liz Taylor and Richard Burton captures the romance of this star-crossed couple.

As anyone who’s visited can attest, Casa Kimberly is filled with striking furniture, from ornate mirrors and antique crystal chandeliers to exquisite carved wood beds in the elaborate Mexican Colonial tradition. Velvet casakimberly021Each piece is hand-picked by owner Janice Chatterton, each room unique in its appointments. Our collection of photos, paintings and sculptures is pretty remarkable, too (can’t help but boast a little), many inspired by or depicting the famous couple whose love is the cornerstone of the property. The life-size bronze statue of Liz Taylor and Richard Burton together on a bench, placed at the entrance of Casa Kimberly so passersby can also enjoy it, has become something of a local landmark. Commissioned by Chatterton, the statue was created by artist Jim Demetro, who’s known locally for three xiutla-folkloricdancers-puertoVallarta-statue Picture85bbother bronze works in town: “Vallarta Dancers,” one of the most photographed statues on the Malecon; “Andale, Bernardo,” a beloved bronze sculpture of a burro (which tourists can mount for a photo) being egged on by two boys and a dog, and “The Washer Woman,” depicting a woman at an age-old 7Y3A8688task. While conceiving the idea for Casa Kimberly’s commission, “Mr. Demetro studied many images of Richard and Elizabeth,” says Chatterton, “and was inspired to do this particular pose, which captures their passion for each other. The body movement is what captivates me in all of his work.” In fact, the couple appear so animated, you may be tempted to squeeze in and join their conversation. We won’t stop you.