Day Trip: Isla Rio Cuale

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It may not require an entire day, but Isla Río Cuale deserves to be discovered – whether a short stroll through or a few hours wandering. Just minutes from the property, Isla Río Cuale is a unique destination. A sand island sandwiched between downtown and the Romantic Zone, the oasis was formed in the mid-1920s when the Cuale River grew and forked into two separate arms leaving a temporary strip of land in between them. Reached by a North or South Bridge (or hanging bridges for the adventurous), the picturesque, pedestrian-friendly isle is free of traffic and city crowds.

Lined with tropical trees, Isla Río Cuale is known for its colorful birds, curious cats and large artisan market featuring Mexican handicrafts and goods like jewelry, pottery and souvenirs. Cafes and bars dot the island and are the perfect place for people watching and soaking in the local flavors. Isla Río Cuale also houses a cultural center and the Museum Rio Cuale, a museum exhibiting information about the area’s history and archaeological artifacts.