COVID-19 news

Casa Kimberly and The Iguana Restaurant & Tequila Bar already possess many of characteristics considered safe these days. The restaurant and nearly all public spaces are spacious and open air ensuring a consistent flow of fresh air and plenty of room for appropriate social distancing. Guest accommodations for the hotel are oversized, widely spaced apart and boast terraces with French doors for great flow of air. And of course, the property is spread out over two building with only nine suites total.

Casa Kimberly offers Covid 19 testing services for our guests (additional cost applies). Results are delivered quickly and can be used to meet the new U.S. criteria for travelers returning from abroad. Testing can be accommodated on the property or at a nearby private clinic.

While you determine whether it is time for you to travel or dine out again, please review our new safety measures intended for everyone’s well-being.

All Visitors

  • Please arrive wearing face masks.
  • All visitors will participate in a state-directed, two-step shoe sanitation process: Guests simply stand on one floor mat with a sanitizing liquid to clean the bottom of the shoes, and then move to a second mat to dry the liquid.
  • All visitors will be provided an application of hand sanitizer upon arrival.
  • We will register the temperatures of all guests upon arrival.

Restaurant Guests

  • Tables will be set with at least five feet between each.
  • A maximum of six people may occupy each table.
  • We will accommodate 50% of our normal dining room occupancy.
  • Menus will be sanitized in between each use.
  • Restaurant staff will be wearing a freshly sanitized uniform every day.
  • Staff wear will wear masks at all times, wash hands every 30 minutes and use hand sanitizer throughout the day.
  • Bathroom facilities will be sanitized every day and between guest.

Hotel Guests

  • We will accommodate 30% of our normal guest capacity.
  • Guest rooms will be thoroughly sanitized between occupant.
  • Daily cleaning will be offered but guests may decline to have service less frequently or not at all.
  • Options for restricted room entry will be made available.
  • Nightly turndown service will be suspended unless specifically requested.
  • Electric outlets, remote controls and door knobs will be sanitized daily or as requested above.
  • Housekeeping staff will wear masks at all times, change gloves between maintaining rooms and each housekeeper will service no more than three rooms.
  • Spa services will be temporarily suspended.

Staff Precautions

  • Shoe sanitation as outlined above multiple times per day.
  • Required hand sanitation with minimum 20 second hand washing at all points of contact.
  • Daily temperature assessment.
  • Daily uniform sanitation.

If you decide the time is right for you to join us for dinner or an overnight stay, we would love to see you. Please do not hesitate to contact me directly if you have any questions about our operations at this time or to inquire about a reservation. We look forward to greeting you again soon.